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  • 100% HIDDEN WIRE


All for a one-time fee with no monthly installments. You only pay a one-time investment, and your property will be secured at all times.


We offer three different packages

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Indoor/Outdoor Installation

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Indoor/Outdoor Installation

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Indoor/Outdoor Installation

Not All Security Cameras Are The Same

Unless you’re making a movie, an HD, 1080 P resolution CCTV camera is your best option for surveillance of a parameter. It’s all you need to see things clearly around the area you are watching. And, you need to keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more space, and bandwidth will be required to function efficiently, and the more costly your camera will be. This is why most manufacturers keep surveillance cameras at 1080 P resolution.

It is the perfect resolution to give you a clear view of everything seen through the lens. Also, you won’t have to worry about your camera’s Wi-Fi connection slowing down your network or consuming all your bandwidth, and it won’t take up the space required for your data. With a single HDD or SD card, a 1080 p security camera can record for hours before finally running out of space. Due to all this, these cameras can be sold at an affordable price.

Thus, with an IP66 rating, these cameras will withstand any weather conditions. They are airtight and will remain dust-free and free from interference, even if submerged in water or at the exposure of water jets.

You need performance and reliability with your security camera system. Meaning, your system should be capable of handling the high workload demands of continuous 24/7 security monitoring, while also having enough space to back up and store your recordings. That’s why we added a 1 TB Hard Drive to the system.

Now you can record up to 180 hours of videos in high definition or considering your videos average at 3 to 4 GB each, you will be able to store around 250, 1080 P resolution movies on your 1 TB hard drive. We built our hard drive for continuous monitoring and recording. It will keep recording, even as you stream live.

Our CCTV security cameras feature night vision that allows you to see and record video in low-light conditions. Night vision combines two approaches: enough intensity range and enough spectral range, whether by technological or biological means, so you can get clear visuals even at night.

If you run a Security Guard Company or provide any security services Toronto area, think about how a security camera system can help, especially at night. Most security guards in Toronto and other regions already use surveillance cams to improve their security guard service as they are a great way to keep watch over things.


With a digital video recorder, you can record videos on your security camera and save them to your disk drive in a digital format than watch them online whenever you like. Or you can also watch what’s taking place in real-time with online monitoring. Imagine being able to log on and instantly see what’s going on at home, at your business, construction site, or anywhere in the world where you set your camera up.

You can look in on the kids, see what your pets are up to, check to see if there’s a parking spot available before you get home. View your house while you are away, find out who’s been stealing your paper, see which dog walker refused to clean up after their pet, watch packages left on your doorstep to prevent theft, keep an eye on suspicious employees, and never again have to guess what took place in your absence. This is especially helpful in the case of a hit and run or to see who was at fault should an accident occur while recording, and so much more.

Not only will you be able to watch your property from anywhere in the world, but you can also watch in real-time on any one of your devices as well. All it takes is a short time to set up the app, and you could be looking at your house located in the US, from Paris, right on your smartphone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, and more. You can also view recorded videos with the tap of a button.


We provide professional installation included with your purchase of a CCTV security camera package. All you have to do is let us know when it’s convenient for us to come out and we will be there with everything needed for proper installation. In fact, we can have all 4 of your surveillance cameras set up and your system up and running that same day. Our installers are fast, friendly professionals who are very knowledgeable. So, feel free to ask them any questions you may have about your system and they will be more than happy to answer them, while also providing you with more information to get all you can out of your security camera system.

“I want the wires to be tangled up and showing everywhere”, said no one ever. We understand the importance of having discreet wiring since no one wants a heap of wires hanging all over the place. so, we ensure that all wires are 100% hidden when we install your service.

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We offer three different packages