Security Company In Toronto, Ontario

Security Companies In Toronto, Ontario

We provide private security consultation, access control system integration, and on-site concierge services to transportation warehouse and distribution sites across Ontario and Toronto.

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Full Suite of Security Services

We understand large transport companies have a demand for safeguarding materials and ensuring reliable access for trusted parties. Our Canada-based security company can meet the rigorous demands of your warehouse or distribution site. Our top services that we provide include:

Access Control System

Access control systems regulate who is allowed into a building and/or warehouse site. These systems exclusively grant access to either access cardholders or individuals in possession of an access key, thus guaranteeing that only authorized parties will be able to enter. We can set up multiple access control systems with different levels of authorization throughout a warehouse or distribution site. For example, there can be a separate access system for a section of a warehouse with more sensitive materials in addition to the general access system applied to the main gate or door. However extensive of a system you would like integrated, we can set up the various levels of access control according to your protocols. 

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Alarm Response Services

We can provide alarm response services in addition to our access control system integration. Our state-of-the-art response centers operate 24/7 and give clients peace of mind knowing that if there is some intrusion or other alarm triggered, we will be on top of the response and alert the authorities and/or on-site security (if present). Training is another function of our alarm response package. We can train your warehouse or distribution site staff to understand the various alarm statuses and how to disarm the system via electronic device. 

Our alarm response suite includes video surveillance monitoring, alarm monitoring, fire warnings, intrusion alerts, and more. If there is a detection, we have mobile security that can be dispatched to the location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients may also elect to have our uniformed security already on-site, but we understand that not all clients may choose that option. However, with our alarm response unit, we can still have security personnel on location when it matters most. 

When our remote security team is called out to the premises for an investigation, they will conduct a thorough sweep to identify the cause of the alarm. Any further actions deemed necessary will be taken in accordance with local laws and any detailed security measures established between our company and the client. Clients will receive a detailed incident report after the issue is resolved for their records. These reports help to pinpoint deficiencies in the response plan and ways to improve. They also highlight what did work efficiently. 

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Security Guard Services

One of the primary methods of safeguarding warehouse and distribution sites is a strong security presence. We can provide any number of uniformed officers to remain on the property at all times allotted by the client. If you require 24/7 security, we can have guards work in shifts around the clock to guarantee that your inventory is protected. 

Our security guards provide multiple benefits:

  • Deterrence – The presence of on-site security guards deters potential criminal and other inappropriate activity from taking place. 
  • Observation and Reports – Uniformed security offers can conduct field reports and document who enters and leaves facilities, at what time, and other suspicious activity that can be funneled up to the appropriate party. 
  • Safety Protocols – Security offers can instill and maintain safety guidelines while ensuring these protocols are adhered to throughout their staffed shifts. They will also take action against any violations of these protocols to ensure the integrity of the procedures in place. 
  • Protection of Property – Security guards will protect warehouse and distribution sites and the property therein in accordance with local laws. 

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Our security guards are properly vetted and trained before arriving to your facility. They will establish a consistent channel of communication between the clients to maintain quality and measure expectations. Our security guards will also receive notifications from our state-of-the-art alarm monitoring centers when there is an alarm triggered or suspicion of illegal activity. 

Concierge Services

We understand that different businesses may require various needs. We can tailor your security detail to provide other functions such as:

  • Locking doors at specific times throughout the day. Can also check these locks at designated times. 
  • Check-in people and vehicles to the facility. 
  • Searching vehicles (if laws and protocols mandate)
  • Handling deliveries to the facility. 
  • Directing guests to designated areas. 

Our security services can double as a concierge. When someone enters your warehouse or distribution site, they should first be greeted by a professional and attentive concierge service. Our staff can provide that experience while also working in the security functions as outlined in the above section. 

We Offer Security Services across Greater Toronto and Area

We provide our various security services throughout the GTA. Wherever your warehouse, distribution site, or transport hub is located, we can provide security, access control system installation, CCTV solutions and concierge services. Some areas we can operate in include:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Brampton, Ontario
  • Markham, Ontario
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Milton, Ontario
  • Kitchener, Ontario
  • And more…

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Security is a constant need for many industries. It is imperative that you have a regimented security package in place at your warehouse or distribution site to ensure round-the-clock monitoring. Contact us today to receive your consultation so we can gauge exactly which type of services you require. Whether you opt for our full suite of private security, alarm monitoring and response, concierge, CCTV solutions or access control system or services or create a piecemeal package specifically tailored to your needs, we are ready to tackle the demands of your company. 

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