Distribution Centre and Warehouse security requires an integrated solution of manned guarding, system security and procedural consistency. Security personnel assigned at those sites are expected to perform with their utmost skills and aptitude necessary to observe and report the conditions that pose threats of damage or theft. Gatehouses are the very first access point into many industrial, residential and business areas. That is why it is vital to keep such area manned with only the best security possible. We at Immediate Response Service provide an impenetrable level of protection when it comes to guarding your first port of call. Our professional gatehouse security guards will not only protect you against intruders, but they’ll also provide the visual assurance you need for peace of mind. Our management team conducts on-site security risk assessment, at the beginning of each contract to ensure that all potential weak areas are covered and addressed accordingly in the post orders.
IRS Security services include but not limited to :
  • Front/ Information desk

  • High profile foot and vehicle patrols

  • Alarm Response for facilities and quarters

  • Video monitoring

  • Intruder / trespasser management

  • Security cover for special events and VIP visits

  • Parking control and operations

  • Safety and emergency protocol enforcement

  • Electronic guard touring report management system

  • & more